BoomSky is an artillery air shooter where players embark on an adventure to battle against other players in a mission to crash the opposing warplanes.

Published by Ngames (Cyber Monster and Pockie Ninja), BoomSky gives players a feel of console-controlled game thanks to its flexible keyboard controlled gameplay.


The game employs the classic mechanic of “angle-adjusting and charging fire” to make the air battle more engaging. In the game, players are able to collect various warplanes of different attributes, and warplane parts with which to customize the planes. Also, players could train their pilots who can be capable of learning offensive and defensive skills.

The gameplay is composed of two groups of players who attack one another and the victory is determined on how a group of players combat the other. For example, if a player loses all his or her health points, the warplane will be destroyed. When all planes are destroyed in a group, the other group will win the final battle.

Combat is done in a turn-based mode. Players should use keyboard to control their character and their warplanes. It is somewhat identical to that of DDtank, yet happening in the high sky.

Closed Beta Link: