Broken Realm (Broken Realm: A Crystal Saga Chronicle) is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG from China-based R2Games, which publishes games such as Crystal Saga and Wartune. The game is a follow-up to Crystal Saga released in 2011. In the game, players choose one of four classes – Paladin, Barbarian, Archer, Mage – to fend off the invasion of evil forces in the support of the King Rycroft.

Not only does the game feature four basic classes, but each class has three sub-classes, which maximizes the diversity of characters and their related attributes.


First Impressions Gameplay Video:


  • Optimized Maps – Compared to Crystal Saga, Broken Realm adds various maps of different color scheme tailored to gamers of different tastes.
  • Legendary Malacris Weapons – With legendary weapons, players can fight against more bosses and gamers of higher level. But such weapon can only be obtained through “Forge”.
  • Dragon’s Hoard – With this feature, players are able to spin the wheel to get items or chests that may contain valuable premium items.
  • Dungeons – Apart from basic maps, there are many dungeons in the world of Broken Realm. It is called Eternal Abyss were you fight your way to loot resources and items.
  • Military Rank – Earning honor will help you climb the military ranks in the king’s army for special privileges.


Making a “new chronicle” to a popular game always raises higher expectations than directly giving a new title with no background to speak of. You probably come back to the game looking for something new, an enhancement compared to the original version. For example, WOW’s new expansion Mists of Pandaria has added a new race with much more new enhanced items, and maps. It could attract old players back with good reason.

With that in mind, I am so interested in the newly released title “Broken Realm: a Crystal Saga Chronicle”, which certainly implicates that this is a new chronicle of Crystal Saga. However, it is not the one I were expecting, neither offering something new nor bringing a new chronicle to Crystal Saga. It is just the game Crystal Saga with a skin re-dressed up. What a disappointment!

This devalued version of Crystal Saga completely takes Crystal Saga’s program from background sound to the character growth path, to the quest setting and to the Bugs.

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