Castlot is a browser-based multiplayer online strategy game with RPG elements and set in a mixed medieval and fantasy world. The game is developed by China-based Clapalong and published by Yoogames, NetDragon, HuaYuGame and the developer itself.

Become the future Lord in the mysterious land of magic and engage in the chivalrous exploits, and strategic initiatives in a world where magic and heroism live side by side.

In browser MMO Castlot, the player will explore the territory occupied by the NPC-controlled heroes and troops to search for new land and resources. The goal is to build your own empire, but you must start with a small settlement, build your barrack and train your troops and then conquer other resource-rich kingdoms.


Castlot has been around the Internet for quite a long time, and with its huge advertising budget, the game is still live and even surprisingly robust.

The full review Coming Soon. The game is pretty similar to Call of Roma. If you are an office worker or frequent internet user, you can pass your time in both of the games.