Demon Slayer is a browser-based game that combines real-time strategy, role-playing customization, and dungeon brawling. The game is set in the fantasy world visualized as if it was in Diablo and Age of Empires.
The game, also known as Wartune Online, allows you to start your campaign by choosing your character/class such as a mighty warrior, cunning rogue, or wise magician. Depending on your choice of character class, you will accordingly master a certain number of skills and carry different weapons.

In Demon Slayer, you will find all sorts of monsters you need to hack and slash in automatic and turn-based battles. After you win a battle, you will gain experience points that help you levelup and acquire more powerful weapons.

The materials that your heroes need can be produced in the capital city where you build your farm, mine, marketplace to produce whatever you need. Finally, you will have a fortified thriving metropolis settled as you were in the setters online.