Devilian is a free to play dark-fantasy MMORPG where players are able to experience hack-and-slash actions and control their characters using the keyboard and mouse. The game, presented in an isometric view, is developed by South Korea-based Ginno Games and published by NHN.

Being designed as a clone of Lineage Eternal, or Diablo-esque MMO, Devilian features stunning graphics and animations, intuitive camera view, class-dedicated skill tree and mission-based storytelling.

Devilian has been developed since August 2009 and is scheduled to be released for Korean regions in 2013.

Devilian brings hit exceptional one-to-many (Hack & Slash) combat experience into growth-oriented MMORPG. With beautiful painting art style and easy controls, the game lets players progress across the pass the present in the exploration of dynamically generated 3D dungeons.

The closed beta starts in November 27, 2012, exclusively available in Korea.

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