DivoSaga, also known as WarTune, DemonSlayer in Germany and 神曲 in China, is a free browser MMORPG from MMOG.asia. The game allows players to play protagonist to slay monsters, build castle and fight in the arena.


DivoSaga is perhaps one of the best browser games in 2012 and also the most successful browser game that is grossing over $ 100 K a day. No wonder there are so many versions and publishers out there.

The game itself does not conveys too much in terms of originality, gameplay, and fun, but it struggles to combine a complete set of mechanics seen in Evony, Vindictus, Throne of Fire and etc.

DivoSaga starts with no customization options though. You are allowed to choose between six different characters. That is, a male or female character for three different classes. You can choose the mage, which mainly acts as supporter and damage class, the warrior who deals heavy damage, and the archer who attacks from behind are good at ranged attacks. The characters are all reminiscent of manga characters that seems to appear in Perfect World.

Once you have chosen a character, you are thrown into the world. Where am I? Who am I? A window opens and explains how to move. The character is located in a beautifully drawn woods, before he or she smashed one horse – the first quest. After a boss battle, which takes place as easily as the “normal” battles, the player enters to a new feature of the game – your own town in which you can train your troops to fight. So there is a city hall in the city, a neighborhood and a barrack. You can train, explore and buy new unit types.

Quests of DivoSaga are unfortunately less varied. Most of quest end in a fight that work the same way as you fight at the beginning because of the automatic combat. Every now and then there is the economic aspect but it is a bit different: you have to train soldiers, raise resources, and mines for your city and expand it gradually. This is not only fun, but is also very useful in order to compete against future opponents.

Combat, However, is automatically executed. The hero does not command the player to combat a random enemy on the battlefield with his assistants. Instead, you can only beat opponents in the turn-based battle, which is mostly determined by the weapons and gears your heroes are equipped with. Some skills can be learnt to enhance the attacking and defending, but that is hard to learn those powerful skills if you do not spend money.

All in all, DivoSaga is a nicely designed browser game in the year of 2012. It has a great deal of mechanics that have been frequently used in MMOs, and PC games.