Eden Eternal is a free to play MMORPG published by Aeria Games behind online games such as DDTank, Grand Fantasia and Last Chaos. Like all MMOs from Aeria Games, Eden Eternal features 3D visuals and micro-transaction business model through the sale of ingame items.


Have you ever dreamed of being in a utopia, where anything is likely to happen? Then Eden Eternal—released by Aeria Games– is the very “place”. A lot of people with different backgrounds have come and settled here, and they are all eager to find the meaning of their own life and create a promising future.

However, there are also some arguments and tension which finally leave this ever-utopia in hot water. At this critical moment, a group of people appeared. They helped these people in Eden Eternal out and give them a peaceful homeland again. Heroes always attract attention. And all the people are curious about where they are from and even these “Eternal Guardians” have no idea about this question. However, rumors go that they are transformed from crystals according to their foretelling.

After knowing the backdrop of this story, the players shall start their travel by playing the roles of “Eternal Guardians”. In the game, these beings start from the inside of blue crystals, and in the following time, they must save the Eden Eternal and find out the mystery of their origin with help of their strength and magic.

Then what’s the difference between Eden Eternal and other online games? First is wild selection of the classes: unlike other games which need single class choice, as long as you can unlock them here, you can switch among 15 classes, ranging from thief to shamon.

However, the level-up of one class to another needs not only improvement in classes but also in characters. These may make players enjoy this game fully, and also calls for more efforts and intelligence from the players.

Then it must come to the variety of races, besides human, more and more races can be part of this picture, such as Anura, Ursun and Torturra tribes. Thirdly, players can establish their own guilds at the expense of some money, and what’s more, guilds have the qualification to construct towns which can be leveled up gradually.

Last one, also the funniest part is that outfits of every player can be selectable as they can buy them in Dye Shop, however, if players are not satisfactory with the current colors, there will be surprises on the forward march—more alternative and not-so-regular colors.

Besides, the combats and battles in Eden Eternal will go at a surprisingly fast pace. Those players need more excitement and challenge will love this game very much.