Kindoms Social is a free to play massive multiplayer online real time strategy game developed by China-based IGG, the maker of Wings of Destiny, Age of Titans and Dawn of Darkness. The game represents an ancient story of Rome behind a historical event, the background that has also been used in Call of Roma, Feudon and Evony.

In the game, the player starts with a mission to build a village into a great Roman Empire. To this end, each player, with the ambition of become an emperor of Rome, ought to build Cottage, university, City Hall, Barrack, and other infrastructure necessary to develop the village.


Kingdoms Social is a well-groomed strategy game that wants to appeal to both city builder lovers and gamers who love solid and complex strategy games. IGG made it.

Some players fear trying strategy games in large part because they don’t want to invest much time to research how the in-game mathematics and each building function. As we played Stormfall Age of War, we had to keep asking questions: which building should I build first? What Lost Arts should I upgrade first? and How to avoid being looted even if the raid is unavoidable. But in Kingdoms Social, we do not consider these trivial things while the game features a “Tip” option that allows players to click to build, upgrade or research what is needed right now.

Kingdoms Social infuses social element into traditional strategy simulation. Thanks to that, you won’t just chat or join in dungeon exploration with other players. You can now visit their cities and offer a helping hand.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you will click upon every structure in their city and collect the products until you run out of the friend energy. You can visit your friends’ fields to boost the production of their farms, quarries, mines, and sawmills, and go make a wish by their wishing pool.

That pretty much is what makes this game social. But in essence, Kingdoms Social still possesses all the traits that you may find in a carefully designed deep strategy game. Players will always try to build as many resource buildings outside the city as possible so as to provide all the necessary resources for hiring heroes, training heroes, upgrading structures, and expanding troops.

Besides the armory, barracks, city hall, blacksmith, university and other buildings that are common in strategy titles, you can also find hospital, temple, command center, wishing pool and guild hall in the game, each allowing for a distinct function. For example, players can consume food, wood, metal and stone in the Temple to obtain Divinity points, which are used to boost hero training and enhance players’ reputation.

Strategies are not only necessary in the management of your city, they are also crucial when it comes to battles. You upgrade the weapons, equip heroes and troops with armors and weapons, and choose the most appropriate units for each hero you would like to deploy in battlefield. It is advisable to think twice before you boost the training of a specific hero, or upgrade a certain weapon because some heroes are evidently superior to others while the weapons you could obtain through battles will be increasingly better. Players can choose to watch or just wait for the result of the turn-based combat. But you won’t just deal with the upgrades of heroes and gear; you can always adjust your strategies for battles. For example, you’d better let the best hero lead more troops.

Players can explore the dungeons in solo or multiplayer. And the multiplayer mode is recommended since the enemies they are about to encounter will get increasingly powerful and it gets difficult for one player to get through. And it would be wise to deploy as many heroes as possible to ensure victory.

The gameplay is sophisticated and it can cost quite some time before you can handle all the stuff. Thankfully, Kingdoms Social offers a detailed enough tutorial that only provides guidance when necessary. That is why, after you reach level 10 or higher, you might still come across a new function and can learn all the necessary information from the tips.
However, the game is presented in low quality graphics, which are common in strategy titles but rare among Facebook games.

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