Kings and Legends is a free to play online collectible card game from Just A Game. The game takes players into a fantasy world where heroes, known as cards, fight their ways through various special scenarios.

Although the game is a card-based fighting game, it follows the rules of MMO, and turn-based strategy, presenting a side-scrolling battle scene with animated fighting action and dynamic sound.


From War 2 Glory, to Operation Gamma 41, to Kings and Legends, Germany-based Just A Game seems to have a partiality for Made-in-China games, especially the recently burgeoning browser games. This preference to Chinese browser games chiefly contributes to the China-exclusive gaming mechanics that motivate players to purchase in-game items, and ultimately the publisher of the game can make a great deal of money.

The latest browser game Kings and Legends is just an example of what Just A Game continues to expand their browser game portfolio. But Could this game yield an ideal fruit and help both Just A Game and the developer Fire Elemental become a new star? The answer is not yet clear. We at have tested the game, and believe that this game is not bad, but may not be considered remarkable.

The full review Coming Soon.

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