Kings & Warlords is a grand MMO strategy game with an advanced Cheap Burberry Outlet UK of tactical combat system. In the game, you train units, heroes, spies and research hundreds of unique upgrades to enhance your economy and troops.

Players begin their journey with the Black Knight breathing down their neck. After a brief struggle, the Black Knight’s forces are dislodged and players start their epic journey to rebuild their kingdom back to its former glory.

At the heart of the game lies a complex and intricate combat system, where players arrange their back-line, front-line and flank troops, in custom formations, and use special charms or curses to aid their allies or crush their foes. Players can lead their troops into the fray against other players or the ruthless Black Knight forces.

At their disposal is an extensive research tree where players unlock new or improved units; research enhancements to their military and economic production. Players can join an alliance or stand on their Burberry Handbags own as they make their way to the top of the leaderboards. Spies are at hand to aid the player in scouting nearby territories and Heroes add another layer of strategy to the battle as their equipment augments the armies they lead. Adding to the mix are Watchtowers that provide early warning of incoming attacks, the City Wall, which allows for custom defensive formations and back-line troops such as the Catapult that can do widespread damage to multiple units at the same time.


  • All in all Kings and Warlords is a game of deep strategy and advanced combat mechanics, play now to see for yourself.
  • Advanced combat system with one-to-one combat where the choice of formation affects the outcome.
  • Rich and vivid characters create a deep level of emersion. Enormous persistent realms with up to 170,000 players per world.
  • Hundreds for unique upgrades to research.
  • Heroes command your armies and provide boost to the stats of your troops.
  • Spies use espionage to scout neighboring lands and provide intelligence on occupying units.
  • Build and upgrade your Castle, Academy, City Wall, Inn, and Watchtower, etc. in total 16 unique buildings.