From lettuce leaf to garden empire: Molehill Empire, the popular garden simulation celebrates its fifth birthday on February 10, 2013.

Incidentally, the game reached its very impressive milestone of 10 million registrations. This equals the number of tourists visiting Bamberg over the same period of time. Bamberg, Germany-based game developer Upjers is celebrating this exciting news with a big five-day birthday event and lots of presents for all browser game fans. Starting on February 6th, players are able to obtain presents such as a birthday cake and tons of other surprises in Molehill Empire on a daily basis.

For five years, the virtual garden gnomes have brought in the harvest with spades, watering cans and sickles in order to turn their virtual garden into a fertile oasis. Hobby gardeners can sell their products to the highest bidder right at the garden fence or on the marketplace. In addition, particularly committed players can participate in the construction of several Wonders of the World or enter one of many contests which are held on a regular basis.

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