Music Soul is a social-based music and dance game developed independently by China-based Snail Game, featuring stunning cinematic visuals, detailed and fashionable character dress-up, super immersive body moves, advanced music collecting system, and realistic social interaction.


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Powered by Snail Game’s self-developed 3D engine D1XN, the game sports shockingly realistic stage effects, which actually are all captured at real-world scenes. The resplendent stages, realistic light effects and motional shadow effects will all add up to the overall enjoyment of the players.

Every single character is elaborately drawn and animated by art designers at Snail Game. These characters look exactly what real world people are like. Moreover, players will Cheap Burberry Outlet UK abayas are revealed  be allowed to dress their in-game characters with tons of amazing costumes from the real world. They can even deck a fashionable house for their characters to live in.

Snail Game learns from Special Effect Division of the “Avatar” on how to capture facial expressions, and enables players to show their feelings through in-game character’s face. Besides, it also brings to the game real human’s dance moves via an advanced human motion capture technology.

Co-working with world renowned audio companies like Rock Records and Sony, Snail Game has selected hundreds of classic songs to fill its music gallery. Meanwhile, it also introduces a groundbreaking music collecting system, which ensures the game always has the most updated and most popular music worldwide.

Music Soul also features its social connection, which can bring worldwide players to Burberry Sweaters and compete and communicate on the same and only server.


  • Soul Dance Fighting: Players can summon legendary music souls and control them to fight. Souls can unleash dazzling and powerful spell attacks, leaving players indulged in its pounding music.
  • Night Club: Players can partake in Night-club-themed events held on daily basis. Luxury bags worth thousands of dollars will be rewarded to lucky dogs via lottery during each event.
  • The Only Service: Players from all over the world will compete on the same and only server.
  • Anchor Interaction: After verified through live video, players will enjoy many VIP privileges. This mode will be able to hold thousands of players for video interaction. Beautiful anchors will bring their live shows to you too.