Odin Quest is a fantasy browser-based MMORPG from YouJoy, owned by China-based DragonsMeet behind DDTank, Call of Gods and Call of Roma.

Technically, Odin Quest raises the standard of what makes a browser game so engaging and addictive like a client MMO and it is packed with a host of features such as item crafting, dungen brawling and leaderboard ranking.

It is replete with fun, strategy and friendship and thrilling experience that involves multiplayer participation.



One will definitely be impressed by the grandeur of its buildings and the completely different and beautiful scenarios in Odin Quest. You will explore small dungeons with only a handful of monsters, freezing country where the winged ox is causing disturbances, and the underwater world where the long dead humans offend you whenever you get near.

Varying scenes promise a feast to the eyes while the varying gameplay guarantees fun along the way. Differentiated quests are assigned to you, including the main quests, support quests, class-specified quests, and daily quests, which ensure you will never have nothing to do and hence feel bored. Challenges vary too: sometimes you are to kill all the monsters in a dungeon within a limited period of time, and occasionally, you are to crawl a few stories, eliminate all the cursed pirates and single-legged skulls blocking in your way to kill the octopus, which is capable of generating its twin monsters as you battle with it.

But killing monsters wouldn’t be your only job. You will sometimes be responsible to escort cargo to a specified NPC and earn credits – and the journey wouldn’t be safe. You need to fight out your way and clear all those monsters that dare to threaten and attack you or your pet.

Yet all those experiences would not be fun if you can only keep it to your own. Luckily, Odin Quest incorporates various chatting channels and a guild system which enable players to communicate and share.