Otherland is a free to play MMORPG from Germnay-based Gamigo, the maker of Cultures Online and JAGGED ALLIANCE ONLINE. The game, powered by the Unreal Engine 3, boasts high resolution graphics, multiple character customization options, diversified universes from cyber-punk cities to medieval castles as well as non-targeting system that allows players to directly attack monsters and other players without having to select them.

Based on Tad Williams’ sci-fi fiction of the same name, Otherland follows the same narration with the books while distinguishing itself by a unique, ever-changing virtual reality world where players are able to experience their own stories in many of the familiar places conjured up in the books.

Most of MMORPGs only allows for class-based weapons, which often causes players to discard or sell some unnecessary items that can only be used by other classes. In Otherland, classes can use any weapons and even weapons can be freely switched during the combat.


Otherland is currently in closed beta and only invited players can download the game. Stay tunned for more information.