You were thrilled to start field work for OMNI, one of the world’s stop archaeological groups. After six months of sun, sand and sweat, you’re still waiting for your first big find..


Relic Quest is a new Facebook-based hidden object game that immerses you in the journey to explore the mysterious artifacts stolen by the evil. You follow the clues and find the quest items to build special exhibits in your museum.

Like most hidden object games, Relic Quest offers two functional scenes: You play the hidden object scenes to find the items, earn rewards like experience and coins while outside of the main scenes you play, you need to build your exhibits using the items you find.

With the items you got, you can play more hidden object scenes to gain more coins and materials. Also, you need to earn as higher museum rating as possible to help you unlock more scenes. Remember to use coins and materials to decorate and increase your museum rating.