Joyhubs announced a new browser based MMO game Siege ittonline index on Stars and the official closed beta is schedule to open in April 12, 2013.

After peaceful exploration of the galaxy, four factions are now competing for new resources, new homes, and power over all space. In the game, players can choose from the different four factions, each with their own history, powers, and territory. Players are able to explore the galaxy around them as well as fight other ships, mine for minerals, and upgrade their ship. Elements of RTS, MLG and RPG are merged together to create a game all players can find interesting and exciting.

The story is told of how four factions of men started to explore space and how an undisturbed adventure for many who ventured to new planets and created new colonies became the start of war among all men. When the humans grew too large and claimed too much of the galaxy, other unknown aliens decided to act on these encroaching creatures and a war among them started.

As the large battle began, peace was lost among all the four factions of Burberry Trousers the space explorers. It wasn’t until the aliens were defeated that peace could return. But with man’s follies, peace was only a short lived dream and battles for the galaxies rose again.