Skyripper is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG that features, compelling storyline, gorgeous skill effects, challengeable dungeons and various equipment and armor. The game is published by Voomga, behind War of Thrones, and Mythic Saga.

With traditional Chinese Asian style cute and lovely hand-painted graphics and characters, as well as point-click control, Skyripper not only offers an epic adventure beyond your imagination. You will discover a compelling story that often appears in Eastern novels and films.

Skyripper plays much like Crystal Saga, Mythic Saga and the latest title Broken Realm and what is different may be the background setting and artworks.


  • A floating world –  You are equipped with a mount to adventure through the floating world. With your wings, you can look more beautiful, flying higher into hidden places.
  • Arena System –  Not only does the game deliver various common maps, but it allows for a better arena where players can challenge each other at their wish.
  • Pet System : When the player reach a certain level, there will be a pet rewarded to the player. The pet can be cultivated and grown into a powerful one with a couple of attributes.
  • Beautifully crafted scenes – The deft Zephyr and elegant Gold Feather make you feel like walking in a fictitious land of tranquility; the Free Spirit and Heavenly Peacock are eye-catching.


First Impression Video:


Skyripper ends up as an MMORPG where you can be satisfied visually but never get excited enough when it comes to the gameplay.

The brightly colored and diversified scenarios in both maps and dungeons serve as a visual delight throughout the whole game. Actually, the charming characters and always changing scenes sometimes seem to come right out of a finely crafted cartoon.

The game features particularly intense binding of players. Players will not only join guilds and participate in group instances. They can also send roses to express their feelings for each other and even get married. Whenever anyone sends another player 999 roses, all the online players will witness pink petals flying all across the interface. And one can also choose to attend others’ wedding ceremony that takes place in front of the matchmaker.

Nonetheless, no matter how beautiful the characters look, how diversified the scenes are or how players can find ways to show their tender feelings or just make friends, the title isn’t as good in terms of gameplay as it is in graphics and social binding. The optional automatic navigating and combating ensure an easy access to the game contents and a speedy upgrading experience before one reaches level 33.

And after upgrading to level 33, where real fun is expected to begin, you will find Skyripper only screws things up. Side missions quest player with repeated killing of the same type of monsters or baddies again and again while some main quests ask gamers to visit the same dungeons for five or even more times. Fortunately, the automatic combating is still available in dungeons, and you can just enable the automatic combat and then just watch the beautiful dungeons and charming characters. But that doesn’t mean you are free from any trouble. The character might be defeated or even killed sometimes and you have to heal your character by using health potions or the healing skill if you’ve learned it.

Buildings, structures, and even outfits of the characters are in ancient Chinese styles. Even some of the monsters are characters in old Chinese legends. However, it is a pity that the conversations and quests involve many figures with names in Chinese Pinyin, which is probably designed to help create an exotic atmosphere for international players. However, when such things are offered in bulk, players with no background knowledge about either ancient Chinese culture or the Chinese language can easily found that confusing and difficult to understand, let alone enjoy the legendary stories.

More dungeons and functions are opened up as one levels up, but since most the quests either involve grinding or are available only to premium players, the game can be pretty dull. For example, a main quest required 5 explorations to a single player dungeons and 8 to two multiple player ones.

All the players in the beta can claim wings and enjoy diamond VIP privileges and that’s how I found that like Wartune, Skyripper offers few advantages for premium players. Except the free teleports, which transport players immediately to the destinations, and the Experience Scrolls, premium players have no advantages over freemium players. All the special items in the shop are obtainable only if they spend premium money.

One thing remains annoying throughout the hours I’ve been playing this game. Since all the players have access to the Diamond VIP privileges, which includes a package of 999 roses, there are few chances of enjoying the game free of flowers. Every now and then, someone sends 999 roses to his or her friend and all the game interfaces in front of all the players display petals falling from up in the air. And before the show is done, a second one starts and then a third one. It doesn’t matter that you are in town or in the dungeons – wherever you go, you see petals all over the interface. It started beautifully but soon became annoying and boring, and sometimes even prevents you from seeing clearly what your avatar is doing. Hopefully, that won’t be the case when the game is launched.

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