The Lost Titans is a 3D browser-based MMORPG developed by China-based ZQgame behind some titles like Shadowland Online, Crystal Saga and an upcoming game Total Recall Online.

Imaginatively inspired from the legendary Greek mythology, The Lost Titans features three races (House Levidis, House Kalgeris, and House Vendramin), known as Houses we were familiar with in Game of Thrones, and each race will include three major classes Warrior, Archer and Mage.


The Lost Titans struggles to bring players an epic experience of war against Gods, the story a little bit reminiscent of the film “Immortals”. The game failed to deliver a real Greek story with familiar characters, but offer a motley collection of ancient and modern characters.

Immediately after logging in the game, you can create your character by choosing a gender and class and customize the appearance. There are 3 classes available: warrior, ranger and mage. Normally I choose melee characters, but I would like to play something different, so I picked up Ranger this time. The customization does not give a much more different character, but a slight variation from other players. But that is not a problem for I did not care too much about something beyond gameplay.

I must admit that the graphics are a selling point of the game compared with those low-budget browser games. The 3D models and detailed textures are really rich and sophisticated for a browser game. The Lost Titans employs a cartoon-style WoW-like style artwork that suits well with the game world. The color is painted to the point and the world itself is full of animated details such as floating leaves, wandering animals, animated plants and other things that make the game experience a bit realistic. The isometric perspective also works well when the game is viewed from every angle.

One negative point is the overlapping of texts in some info windows, and sometimes the words went over the edge of the text. After all, the game is just a localization from Chinese to English, and it has lots of differences in the structure of both Chinese and English Characters. On the other hand, The Lost Titans cannot be toggled into a bigger screen, not to mention the fullscreen mode.

Movement and combat are really simple, with the left click to move it (holding down the cursor follows your character), with the right mouse button rotating the camera and use short-keys to release your skills. Everything feels a bit familiar, especially when you’ve played MMOs like Wings of Destiny, or Wartune. Meanwhile, the auto-tracking system allows you to easily find the target monsters, quest NPCs and items.

Regarding the quests, the game has a main quest, which serves as a tutorial and many of the fundamental properties unfold as you complete quests. There are also some instances and dungeons where players of different levels can determine which dungeons to challenge either in solo or group. They have difficulty levels and reward items based on what you will accomplish.

The Lost Titans still makes me shocked even if the game has nothing truly innovative and impressive because it is browser-based in 3D perspective.  To be honest, it is a step forward to a higher standard that competes with client mmos. I believe there will be more quality titles coming out for web browsers.

In a word, The Lost Titans would be a nice game if the developers could make their efforts to revise and refine the game thoroughly.