Wartune is a real-time hybrid browser game that seamlessly knots elements of strategy, RPG and MMO together, delivering vibrant and beautiful visuals, CityVille-esque tactics as well as ever persistent world.

The game is developed by China-based 7Road, notably the maker of DDtank, and published by R2Games, Proficient City and Aeria Games. The game was originally launched in China, followed in Vietnam, Malaysia, North America and Germany. The German version of Wartune, renamed as DemonSlayer, is hosted by KoramGame.com.


Wartune is a nice touch that offers a combination of so many mechanics that we’ve seen in different genres, giving hardcore gamers enough room to explore the advanced strategy and brawl dungeons.

Players start from scratch, save the priest and even a whole city from vicious monsters and then they will be the city owner whose responsibility revolves around managing and defending the city as well as fighting against evils.

Fascinating story, isn’t it? However, as you search deep into the game, the whole story will fade in your memory and be replaced by the rich mechanics and the fun they manage to create.

You will explore dungeons after dungeons with your soldiers. In each dungeon, you will need to slay all the monsters and evil humans, living or dead, and defeat the final boss whatever it takes.

But Wartune is far from a single-player game. You can kill as many of those from the opposing faction as possible in the battlefield, join your friends in the arena to battle other players, gather several companions to explore the multi-player dungeon, or win glory and generous rewards in guild campaigns.

Victories in dungeons, arena and battlefields never come easy though. You need to collect enough gold and other resources that help improve your attack, defense, health and other stats and that help enhance your weapons and armors. And that necessitates the cultivation of your farm.

There are also an abyss and a tower while players, solo or teamed up, will crawl floor after floor, battle against powerful bosses and obtain special rewards.

Wartune has all the different mechanics have been infused into one package, and in the end manages to offer a brand-new gaming experience with familiar contents.